Colin Gary 

Kris Hooper

The founder of All-Star Kicking. An All Conference and All American coach who has helped over 50 kickers, punters, and snappers receive scholarships and pro opportunities.

Virtual Consultation* with coaches: $20
The Rookie: 3 Sessions (with consultation)* $80
The Veteran: 3 Sessions (w/o consultation) $70
The All Star: 6 Sessions (with consultation)* $120​​

Christian Faber-Kinney 


Anthony Prevost

A 4-year, Division 1 starter (field goals and kickoffs), and currently a Free Agent in pursuit of a professional kicking career. Kris joined All-Star kicking in 2014 and has been coaching since 2016.  

Head Coach Todd Covington

*Virtual consultations are highly recommended to thoroughly assess athlete’s needs and points of focus perfore purchasing sessions. 

A Hampton University graduate who joined All Star Kicking in 2015. Christian is a NFL Free Agent punter and brings over 7 years of elite punting experience. Christian has been decorated with honors such as: FCS Special Teams Player of the Week Honors, 2x BoxToRow All American, 4x All MEAC, FCS Bowl Special Teams Player of the Game, FBS Tropic Bowl Special Teams Player of the Game, NFL Regional Combine invitee, along with multiple school records.

A former collegiate Division 1 starter (field goals and kickoffs). Colin joined All-Star kicking in 2012, and finished his collegiate career in 2019 season. He's received Big South special teams and FCS national Special Teams Player of the Week honors, and tied for 6th out of 126 teams in FCS for the 2019 season (field goals). Colin holds two records at Campbell University and was named a senior team Captain. Colin is also apart of the 2020 National Football Foundation Hampshire Honor Society. 

All Star Kicking Virtual Training 

An athlete and All American kicker who joined All Star Kicking in 2009. Anthony is a NFL Free Agent dual kicker, who also plays Kick Return, Slot Receiver & Long Snapper. Anthony brings over 10 years of kicking experience. He started Superior Specialists in 2016 as a part of All Star Kicking (Richmond), and is a 2019 American Arena League Champion (West Virginia Roughriders).     

Coaches Involved

Greetings, the team at All-Star Kicking wants our family, friends, and clients to understand that we are aware of the present challenges with COVID-19 and social distancing. With that being said, we still want to provide safer opportunities and alternatives for your athlete to continue their training and development. We are now introducing ‘Virtual All-Star Training’: a safer alternative of training, coaching, and mentoring where we offer services to demonstrate and critique the needs of every athlete.

Virtual All-Star Training consists of a few different packages. To begin, we will hold an individual assessment where we will review film, wants, and points of focus with your athlete. We will then assign them coaches based on: Field Goals, Kickoffs, Punting, Snapping, and Strength/Conditioning. We will hold individual sessions where you will be trained and engage virtually with your assigned coach. This can consist of your athlete's film, demonstrative videos, and/or our critique. Our goal is to help our athletes stay on track and continue to improve their craft, without being distracted or negatively affected by current world events. Click here to sign up for your virtual consultation.