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"Its hard to find a young man with more dedication and work ethics than Todd Covington. In the early 90's Todd was a dual threat as a punter and kicker. He was in the top 5 in HU record books as a punter and held the single season PAT record. Todd's greatest strength is his ability to make others around him better. There is no doubt that "Todd Covington All-Star Kicking will be successful."

Donovan Rose
Former Head Coach
Active Assistant Athletic Director
Hampton University

About Coach Covington



all-Star kicking guys in action! ricky Segers odu kicker along with HIS TEAMMATE, PUNTER AND HOLDER JOSEPH PULISIC!!!



Todd covington All-Star Kicking provides athletes the opportunity to perfect their skills in the art of kicking,punting,long snapping, and holding. through unsurpassed knowledge and instruction from our coaches, players will learn what it takes to reach their goals at whatever level they are at. we are dedicated to giving our players the best physical, and most importantly mental techniques that will allow each athlete to reach their highest potential. by learning these proper techniques athletes will not only learn what it takes to be successful on the field , but what it takes to be a success off the field!